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This is Damian Sutton. I did not know him, nor his friends or family, but over the past week I grew attached to his story.

Last Wednesday, August 21st, Damian’s mother was at work, and her boyfriend, Ronald Anthony Dimambro was supposed to be watching him. He allegedly admitted to severely beating Damian, then throwing him, in what doctors described as being similar to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Damian was placed in a medically induced coma since that day. He underwent brain surgery on Sunday (August 25) at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit to have part of his skull removed due to the trauma and swelling in his brain. On Monday night, the family was told that Damian was 80 percent brain dead and they may face a quality of life decision for him. He was slowly taken off medication and brought out of a medically-induced coma so doctors could evaluate his brain function and determine the extent of his injuries.

Damian Sutton gained his wings at 7:41 am Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

There is so much I’d like to say - anger towards the monster who did this, a heavy heart towards the senseless loss of a life, and prayers towards the grieving family. I wish Michigan had the death penalty.

If anyone would like to donate to the fund, let me know and I will send you the gofundme link and the link to the Facebook page. You can also donate at any Fifth-third bank under Damian Sutton.

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    Broke my heart…
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    We need more ppl like you who care about child abuse :)
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    Wow I live in Michigan and didn’t hear about this until now.
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    Death penalty isn’t shit. This fucker can rot in prison for the rest of his pointless life.
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    This is what happened to the little boy that is buried next to my baby brother. People are so sick. If you don’t have...